With 23 cities and 5.5 million users in only one year, GROW Mobility is the micro-mobility platform that is driving the transformation of Latin American cities.

With 10 million trips accumulated only in Latin American cities, GROW (Grin + Yellow) asserts itself among the main cities and capitals of the region as the Latin-American leader in micro-mobility services.
In less than one year, the micro-mobility revolution that GROW started in Mexico and Brazil – the two biggest markets in Latin America, is rising fast and now leads the change in the way people commute in 23 cities in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay.

GROW’s local model has consolidated our micro-mobility platform, with e-scooter services, dockless bikes, dockless e-bikes, and e-mopeds, and has achieved higher levels of acceptance than any other foreign platform; we are Latin American innovators for Latin American cities!

Source: Micromobility Europe conference Handbook and Grow data.
Source: self reported data from each platform.

Our success is based on innovation and regional empowerment, always aimed at understanding the mobility wants, needs and expectations of our users in Mexico, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Lima, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and others, in which we live and work among users, communities and governments.

Cities where Grow (Grin + Yellow) is currently operating

We solve mobility needs and join together in the transportation environments of the cities. We understand our users´ motivations and their desire for efficient, fun and safe rides. It is not only a matter of where are they going, but also, how are they getting there.

The current state of the mass transit systems in our cities arises particular challenges which we are facing in a very Latino way; with a lot of passion, care, reassuring our slogan in every trip: “We Love Our Cities,” and our commitment with each city by bringing successful mobility services”  Sergio Romo, CEO, GROW.

-Because We Love Our Cities -

In less than one year, GROW has stacked up almost 6 million registered users in Latin America alone, with more than 9 million miles traveled, equivalent to 380 trips around planet Earth, which translates to environmental benefits for millions of Latin Americans.

Our cities, such as Lima, Mexico City and Santiago face big challenges regarding pollution mitigation, and with our services, in less than 12 months, we reached a staggering reduction of 3,000 tonnes of CO₂, with a global impact.

GROW, as the major micro-mobility platform in Latin America, solidifies its leadership by expanding its services to highly marginalized areas, assuming its co-responsibility with the cities in which we operate.

Capão Redondo, in São Paulo, is the first peripheral zone in Latin America in which YELLOW launched dockless bike services with symbolic prices. This enables micro-mobility in inner city communities and displays our commitment with the human right of mobility, the social and economic development of all people and their neighborhoods.

The strategic model at GROW is to maintain its Latin American essence with characteristics aimed for regional development, such as building local teams in every city in which we operate, generating thus far 2,300 jobs in Latin America.

GROW is the most relevant micro-mobility player in Latin America, and the fastest growing platform in the last 12 months. We will continue to grow with strategic plans to achieve cleaner, safer and more efficient cities. According to the New York Times, Grow is considered one of the 50 startups, and the only latin american one, to quite possibly become a unicorn and according to Banco Itaú we are on our way to become the next Super App.